In this Gibson Guitar commercial a queen is trying to make her king happy. She shows him jewels, a fantastic painting a wonderful car. But to her dismay nothing impresses the king. Until Gibson guitar comes to her rescue

This Gibson Guitar Commercial is directed by Gurinder Chadha, the lady who has films like Bend it Like Beckham to boast about. This appears to have been a huge production. A 93 person cast and a crew of nearly 70.

See for yourself:
On The Set there are

* 1 Elephant – walked five days to get to the studio and then didn’t make the final cut.
* 1 Large Portrait – a local Indian artist painted it from a photo of the actor playing the Emperor.
* 18 Dancers
* 2 Fire Breathers
* One restored old car
* 2 Thrones
* 1 Fountain
* 2 Large treasure chests
* 10 piece band
* 3 Crystal Chandeliers

Gibson Guitar – Get ready to impress.

Only a Gibson is good enough.

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