Parle Products signed actors Hrithik Roshan and Isha Sharvani for endorsing its chocolate-chip premium biscuit brand Hide-n-Seek.

This ad is following a broad shift in the company’s biscuit branding strategy as it comes on the heels of the ‘Anti-Marie Bureau’ Kajol ad campaign for Marie digestive biscuits.

A Bollywood star like Hrithik Roshan rose up the quotient on the premium brand Hide-n-Seek, targeting a whole new consumer base. Using Bollywood actors helps to draw in the 18-25 age group, expanding their market base as well as giving Hide-n-Seek an edge over other biscuits brands. In addition, having two of the best dancers in Bollywood perform for your product is a definite audience pleaser.

In this commercial Hrithik Roshan doing what he LOVES most – DANCE, DANCE and DANCE! Looking tremendous in his semi-formal wear that comes quite close to being a party wear, he looks chic’n'hot in his hairdo that he has built for DHOOM – 2 and dances along with a stunning Isha while teasing her with a pack of his HIDE AND SEEK biscuits!

The ad sees Hrithik Roshan asking a pretty Isha to dance with him. But she politely refuses saying that she doesn’t know to dance. But Hrithik is not going to give up so easily. He approaches Isha with a pack of Hide N Seek biscuits with a mischievous glint in his eyes. When Isha sees the chocolate chipped biscuits she can’t resist having one. And when she is going to remove a biscuit from the pack, Hrithik withdraws the packet. What follows are some spectacular dance moves that you shall enjoy to see.

It is evident that both Hrithik and Isha love their dance. So go watch them sway to the music with their amazing flexibility and elasticity

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