A woman comes running frantically in a wash-room. Seems like she has stolen some big cash. On entering the rest room, she finds out that there is a man sitting there. She initially gets scared. But on observing the man properly, she notices that he is carrying a blind man’s stick and has his eyes covered with a pair of black glasses. The lady breathes a sigh of relief and starts changing in front of the man.

She then decides to get a bit naughty and wants to reassure that he is blind, and hence goes right in front of the man and buttons up her Levis jeans. In the process of buttoning her Levis jeans, she reveals quite a lot. After looking ultra-glam in her levis jeans, she makes a move out of the rest room, rather relieved. After the girl’s exit, the man gets up and opens a toilet door. What you see next, will give you a hearty laugh.

The original button fly. Seen in all the wrong places. Levis Jeans

501 – The original Jean

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