In this 30 seconds commercial for Brazil’s leading cellphone company, Gisele Bundchen enters in an elevator where she finds a youngster far from imagining that he would find a top model. She pushes the boy in while she films the scene with his Samsung cellphone. The elevator moves up while the boy is confused of what is happening. The door opens and Gisele leaves while the youngster appears disoriented. Lol! In the sequence, the viewfinder of the Vivo Samsung cellular phone shows the recorded video of Gisele playing around with the youngster. The Premium Cam A685 is one of the top of line models of Samsung and arrives at Brazil after great success in Korea and the United States.

The image of Gisele Bundchen strengthens the advertising of the VIVO maintaining the international dimension of the operator, which is the tenth biggest company of mobile telephony in the world, and the manufacturer, the third biggest in the world.

The Premium Cam A685 in the campaign detaches the camera inlaid for taking videos and digital photos. With innovative functions and compact design, the device is ideal for consumers who need functionality with elegance and sophistication. One of its main characteristics is the innovative advanced resource of voice recognition of names and numbers. The user can say the name of the person for which he wants to dial, and just get going.


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