Two guys in an office engrossed in work that the next day was a holiday. So everybody in the office are overjoyed and celebrate as though it was the best thing in their life! Ask to those who swear by Cheers beer… To every Little Good thing in Life…Cheers!

Three guys searching for some space in a car parking lot finally spot one. They are so delighted to see it as though it was some real big achievement. But ask to those Cheers beer fans, yes it really is! To every Little Good thing in Life…Cheers!

A husband and a wife are having food in a restaurant. While they see only one crab served to them the husband offers it to his wife. While he realises that there is another crab left in the plate. He picks it, stands up and holds it as a winner! You certainly cannot match these priceless moments of happiness. To every Little Good thing in Life…Cheers!

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