Bollywood star Abhishek Bachchan, brand ambassador for Motorola, recently launched the company’s flagship entertainment Personal Digital Assistant MOTOROKR E6, which will provide information about a song played as well as live news.

“Music addiction with MOTOROKR E6 is truly awesome. It is a music optimised device, which avails the user with marvellous facilities. E6 is a truly ultimate entertainment PDA, which keeps you occupied,” Abhishek told reporters at a press conference in the capital.

“As a user I am very excited about using this handset. MOTOROKR has given me a truly complete multimedia experience. I think it is the last word for true music lovers,” he added.

MOTOROKR is the first Motorola handset in the country to offer Music ID and Screen 3 applications. Music ID is a song identification service that enables a user to identify all the information about a song played, with the help of a server. Screen 3 is a live news and information service.

E6 has been specifically designed to create superior experiences around video, music, games and photos. Whether you want to capture special moments on camera, listen to music, check e-mails, play games or movies while on the go, E6 makes it all simple and easy.

The new MotoRokr can also store as many as 1500 songs. So get ready to Rock and Roll with Abhishek. Buy the MotoRokr and you to shall be rocking your way with MotoRokr as does AB in this ad.

Abhishek really makes you laugh in this fun advertisement. The last scene when Abhishek is on the death bed most hilarious. Check this commercial out and let us know which part in the advertisement you enjoyed the most.

Music Addiction by MotoRockr – Hello Moto

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